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Kai varastit sen?

ainakin melkein, jos en ihan kokonaan

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i was rooting for holland so bad but i agree. tbh they didnt deserved that penalty bc of robbens dramatic fall without a reason lol so same same

I was pretty neutral about this match, I would’ve loved to see Mexico go through but wouldn’t have minded Holland either - but of course they had to win like that and now I’m royally pissed because what happened was all kinds of wrong

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VOI EI siinä me nahjukset (anteeksi) yritetään yläfemmaa. :’)))) mutta niin o/

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I hate you. And I also like this game a lot more now :)

I like it less and less every second

(sadly I don’t have an appropriate Özil gif to add to this post)

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or better yet: they need to stop showing Özil in TV all the time so I can happily cheer for Germany


more özil is better

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same :B

ainoa oikea tapa viettää juhannusta

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im gonna pray for u idk if i could pull that off and ive had years of practice

thank you

prayers are needed

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multiple screens

I’d die if I didn’t have those, but I’m more worried about the neverending afkfgpffhskjhfjfhs-mode I’ll be on during Saturday/Sunday

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ei saatana tää uus härveli on niin siisti ja toi giffi sopii ku nyrkki silmään

mun piti aluks vaan testata tolla gifillä, että toimiiko gifit ylipäätään noissa, mutta asdkfjfghsdfk nauroin liikaa joten oli pakko jättää se tohon

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i mean, they didn’t penalize RIC just because, they’re just following their own rules which are there for safety reasons so imo RIC got really really unlucky overall today. The wtf stewarding happened with normal racing incidents

yup, I totally get that now, they are just following their rules. I didn’t at first, because I wasn’t that aware of the rules, so I was very confused for Dan getting two penalties. I still think it’s a stupid rule because you’d think one penalty is enough, but whatever, let FIA have their fun.

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FIA used to be notorious for giving even greater punishments for teams who appealed their decisions so maybe this is a side-effect of the ongoing fuel sensor mess. Although it’s most likely bc the new penalty rules are really harsh

yeah it’s the rules, I checked the Holy Book of Sporting Regulations, and Article 23.12(c) says: If a car is deemed to have been released in an unsafe condition during a race the driver concerned will receive a ten grid place penalty at the driver’s next Event. However, if any car released in an unsafe condtion is able to resume the race a penalty under Article 16.3(c) will also be mposed on the driver concerned.

and Article 16.3 of course is full of nice penalty options. That’s harsh, since when have double penalties been a thing? And a couple of years ago all teams got for unsafe releases were fines (and I think drivers were handed time penalties for the times when they clearly were at fault, e.g. Kovalainen taking the fuel hose with him). But now the rules state that the driver is responsible for unsafe releases, so that means FIA can hand penalties for them.

Which, in my opinion, is stupid, because the driver (usually, and in this case) goes when the team tells him it’s okay to go, even if it turns out that it isn’t. Nothing that happened today is Dan’s fault and he got two penalties, which I wouldn’t agree with even if I wasn’t a fan of Red Bull

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I need 60

60 was my week 2 challenge

what is going on with this gaaameeee

is it high score related or does it depend on how many games one has played or the completed mission sets or or or

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which episooooode

I started with 3x04 (no refuelling challenge) and then went on to 4x07 (electric cars challenge) and then 4x01 (supercars across the US) and now I’m watching 4x04 (America’s biggest cars or something) and I’m liking this? I don’t get why people are so negative about it, this is the last time I’ll ever listen to people who complain about tv shows not being good and think that yeah maybe they’re right.

Yes, it isn’t as good as the original, but this is a totally different show and I don’t think it should be so ruthlessly compared to BBC’s masterpiece.

Eeek I’m going to spend the next few days watching this.

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now you’ve made me want to play spotlight again omg


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