Being a fan, is being there for the good and for the bad


Yes, so I’m going to put here my opinion about the Vettel situation. I’m not a fan, first of all, and, actually, I begin to dislike him for his latest comments about the Malaysian GP incident. But, I’m going to keep as impartial as possible, because I’m not going to judge him, I’m going to say something: Some of his fans angers me a lot. 

I thought that being a fan, was celebrating the good, stading by the side on the bad times, and even being logical at all times, not trying to find excuses whenever he is doing something bad. 

You don’t get that this is the moment for him to actually show if he has potential or not? You shouldn’t be crying over he not being on top, you should be expecting for him to finish his race and do some good things on the track. Or you don’t trust him to do something good enough? 

This is F1, things are going to be good somedays, and others are going to be not so great. We all, ALL, not just you, need to deal with difficult situations. How do you thing the Felipe fans are dealing with all of this, for example? And I’m not saying all of this because I want to be mean, I’m actually saying this because I care for this sport, and I think that you should change your attitude. 

Be fans of him because he is your favorite driver, because you think that he has talent, because you believe that he is your hero. Don’t be fans of him because he is on top. 

Wise words! Also this is a good place for a mini rant of my own (I’m talkative today, it seems). Because every time a driver who is usually on top doesn’t do well, the tags are full of posts like “we still love you”. The word STILL bugs me. As if the love for one’s favourite driver is proportional to his success. Love for a driver doesn’t disappear when he doesn’t win in everything. Or if it does, you can’t call yourself his fan. Or that’s how I see it, at least. So I don’t understand why everyone is hurrying to tell that no, they haven’t lost their faith in their idols if they have a one bad race/quali/whatever. To me it’s obvious that no matter what the result is I’ll always support those I’ve decided to support.

And yes, even I think I’m a bit bitch about this. And too literal. That’s just how I roll.

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