"We did a little sandwich with Kimi."
— Fernando on him and Seb after the German race (via itgoeswrooom)
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Sebastian Vettel vs Fernando Alonso | British GP, 2014

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"He was complaining about me. I was complaining about him. That was quite funny from the outside."

Fernando Alonso

You bet it was Nando

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Monaco GP ‘14 Race (Grid)

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Justin Bieber’s request to meet Fernando Alonso, when the 20-year-old Canadian singer was in the Monte Carlo paddock on Saturday, was shot down by the Spaniard himself.

Alonso dismissed the proposal citing that he was “too busy” as he prepared for the qualifying session.

— Fernando “Man of the People” “Alonso, in response to Justin Bieber being an entitled prima donna xD (Source: F1Pulse)

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Kimi and Fernando have been asked to power slot racing cars by pedalling bicycles…


Kimi and Fernando have been asked to power slot racing cars by pedalling bicycles…

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The 2005 title fight

Kimi Raikkonen & Fernando Alonso

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Double interview between two champions [x]

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Kimi Raikkonen
Strengths:Zero interest in politics, zero interest in team-mates. Probably won’t even say “good morning” to Alonso. Easily one of the fastest drivers on the planet.

Weaknesses:Enjoys a night out every now and then.

Fernando Alonso
Strengths:Relentless and fast. “Always there”, as he puts it.

Weaknesses:Politically manipulative, which up to a point can help, but he over-stepped the line this year and it didn’t help his situation at Ferrari. Like Vettel, very unhappy with team-mates who can threaten him. Will be hugely unsettled by Raikkonen’s appearance this season.

— Rob Wilson pointing out each driver’s strenghts and weaknesses  (via kimifanforlife)

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IDK. This car was normal at some point. It still bothers me that Seb needs to prove himself over and over again… So, fine. Let him do this. Let him kick your asses in a “normal” car. ASAP.

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