leejinkees asked: "Hello! I wanted to share an opinion and you seem like the only person on here who won't be offended. (Sorry if I do offend you.) Some of the tumblr Seb fans aren't really 'Seb' fans at all. They support like half the grid. I get that they love the sport -I do too- but there's difference between loving F1 and supporting everyone on the grid. And I just wonder, if you support so many people, how much do you really support Seb?"

Nope, definitely not offended, quite the contrary. I’m happy to discuss about different opinions :)

Some people do seem to support quite a lot of drivers. I don’t necessarily see it as a fault, but I don’t understand it either. I, for one, don’t have the energy to support everyone. I put so much heart in supporting Seb and Kimi that that’s pretty much all I can manage. Sure, there are a couple of drivers (Lewis for example) I also like and I follow their races with interest, but I don’t consider myself as their fan.

Some of us are more open to new drivers and start liking/supporting them more easily, some are more the type to support only one/few. It is possible to support all the drivers equally, but I don’t understand how it happens in reality. Though it isn’t like we’ve got only 100 points of support and then we have to divide them between the drivers we like (which would mean that those who support more drivers give less support to a single driver than those who supports only one). But sure, if one supports half a grid full-heartedly then I don’t think they can support one driver above everyone else. (Correct me if I’m wrong!) Though that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

And then the case of Seb, well. Many of us came to the Tumblr F1 fandom when Seb was winning and started supporting him (or were supporting already), so he gets a lot of attention here. And that’s why F1 people here notice him quite a lot: because he is everywhere. Just look at the blogs here, how many Seb-centered blogs we have compared to those that focus on any other driver? Many. And that sprouts new fans and those who ‘just like’ him (=add him on the list of guys to fangirl over).

Sure, some Seb fans aren’t purely Seb fans (aka supporting just him) but I don’t think everyone has to be. It’s okay to support someone a lot, but it’s also okay so support them just a little. Or not at all. And it’s okay to support more than one driver

This is an embarassingly long answer :D Just to sum everything up: I don’t understand how one can support half a grid. And yes I agree, there’s a difference between loving the sport and fangirling after every single driver. There just is. There’s no problem in fangirling, though. As long as you don’t turn into hating the guy you loved the day before.

Thanks for this ask, tho! I seem to enjoy sharing my opinions now…

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