China ‘12

So, it was a great race with a lot of overtaking, but… it left me mentally exhausted and disappointed.

I could’ve done with a bit less overtaking and Kimi 2nd and Seb 3rd, but oh well, you can’t get everything.

Just that it would’ve been nice to get something.

Yes, from 11th to 5th is a good result for Seb especially when RBR isn’t fast on straights, but it could’ve been so much b e t t e r if tyres had lasted longer.

But HUGE gongrats to Princess ♥

posted 15 Apr 2012 [2 years ago] with 9 notes

  1. grumbling-bigtime said: The tyres! I’m going to have nightmares about tyres tonight.
  2. fuckyeahf1drivers said: At the end of the race I was counting on Simi on the podium but unfortunately that didn’t happen, but we have so many races ahead of us! I believe that we will see those two on the podium this year.
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