Oh fucking hell.

People are you seriously talking about this “I have been a fan since the start and you haven’t”, “you only support him now because he’s succesful” shite again?

WHY does it matter whether you have supported someone since you first saw them racing or only after they’ve got their first good result? Are you somehow a better fan  (better as in you’re above everyone else) if you’ve supported someone longer than others?

It’s normal that people notice drivers when they start being succesful. There’s nothing wrong with ignoring their performances before. We aren’t all those who can just look a driver starting his career and say “he’s going to be a winner/world champion” and be 100% right every time.

There’s nothing wrong to start liking those who start doing well, because hell, who doesn’t like supporting someone who achieves something? Why is it so difficult to accept that someone starts liking someone who is doing well when you’ve liked them before they were succesful?

And more importantly: why can’t we go through a weekend without a drama?

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