There’s a special person. No, it isn’t Martin, though I’m sure he’s special too, but I’m not talking about him. Nope. I’m talking about another special person - a dear, dear friend who has been listening my weird blabbering for the last two years (well, almost) and with whom I’ve been writing weird stuff and frozen while watching ski jumping (or not watching, because when you’re standing next to a ski jumping hill other things are - for some reason - more interesting than the competition).

(Brackets! Lot’s of them. We love those!)

Oh, but back to the special person thing. Special persons have special days, and this is one of those. I know getting older is a terrible thing, hon, but you can’t help it! Here’s some Harrachov memories for you because my writer’s block didn’t allow me to write anything. Happy birthday to deliae! <3 Vastatuulia ja montunpohjia elämään, muru <3

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  1. deliae said: Oh god, I’m speechless. You are just an amazing, amazing friend, did you know that? And you made me cry with this (on my defence this has been a weirdly emotional day so far). KIITOS, muru, oot ihana ♥ Älä ikinä katoa minnekään (ainakaan ilman mua)!
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